Natasha O'Connor

Natasha O'Connor ( formerly Sc
9 Robert St
Wickham 2293
Newcastle & Surrounding Suburbs

Remedial Massage Therapist & Reflexologist

Professional, authentic and supportive

Over 20 years experience

2 minutes from Newcastle CBD

Appointment Only

Conditions treated include:
 •  Neck, shoulder & back pain
 •  Jaw pain from clenching/TMJ
 •  Tight hamstrings
 •  Knee pain & discomfort
 •  Get more out of your exercise routine
 •  Vital time-out from work fatigue
 •  Pregnancy care
 •  Cancer & post-cancer support
Health Fund Rebates available.

Opening Hours
 • Wed & Fri: 930am-5.30pm

Qualifications: Natasha Schweppes
Diplomas in Reflexology and Remedial Massage
Certificates in all the techniques listed below.
Full member: Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Therapies Available
There's no one like you. Together, we create a plan that suits you and your body for best results.
 •  Remedial Massage 
•  Reflexology
 •  Cranio-Sacral Reflexology
 •  Nerve Reflexology
 •  Myofascial Release
 •  Swedish Massage
 •  Pregnancy Massage

Remedial Massage
Remedial Massage is corrective work. The objective is to restore anatomical balance to your physical structure. The pressure is often firm to hard. Each treatment focuses on a specific area/s with a treatment objective in mind. Take home exercises and stretches can often be included. Muscle pain, minor sporting injuries and poor postural stresses respond excellent to this therapy.

Reflexology is a wholistic therapy which works through precise reflex points on the feet that correspond with the whole body. Reflexology is not ticklish. On the contrary it is deeply relaxing. By gently palpating the reflex points, I stimulate your body to return to a healthy equilibrium; giving you freedom from physical and/or emotional restrictions.

Cranio-Sacral Reflexology
Cranio-Sacral Reflexology works with the Cranio Sacral System. This system works directly with all other body systems, including the nervous and digestive systems. Cerebro - spinal fluid - originates within the brain and spinal cord and transmits out to the rest of the body. By working with the reflexes on the feet where the skull and sacrum are reflected and feeling the rhythm of the pulse via the feet of the cerebro spinal fluid, I am able to detect areas of congestion and restriction to all areas within the body. I work with you to eliminate these dysfunctions allowing you to return to health and harmony. I have seen amazing benefits with this therapy, including helping people with long term chronic pain relief, as well as emotional freedom from traumatic birth experiences.

Nerve Reflexology
Nerve Reflexology was developed in Denmark by Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen. By working lightly over the bones of the feet where the spinal nerve reflexes are located and sometimes including passive stretching nerve pain is either relieved significantly or removed altogether. This technique is excellent for sciatic nerve relief and shoulder, arm and hand dysfunction, such as carpal tunnel and Repetative Strain Injury.

Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release works with the tough, highly elastic connective tissue of facia. Like an elastic band you cannot force fascia to let go. Instead with passive stretching I work with you by acknowledging the barrier of resistance and feeling into that barrier to facilitate a relaxed release. Fascia can determine the degree of function of the muscle tissue. By relaxing the fascia the muscles are able to function optimally. I use this technique where scar tissue is involved and in conjunction with remedial massage.

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage is a gentle full body massage – covering back, neck, face, scalp, arms, stomach, ribs, legs and feet. Highly beneficial for the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Giving you a peacefully, relaxed connection between your mind and body.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Care
I have a certificate in Pregnancy Massage and Post Natal Care assisting women for over 13 years. Pregnancy Massage and Reflexology is safe for both the you and your baby. It reduces physical fatigue and supports you emotionally as the time of delivery approaches. It also assists with lower back and groin pain, sciatic pain relief and leg cramps and numerous other pregnancy related stresses. I use Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology to assist in the reduction of fluid retention over the body and feet; commonly experienced in the third trimester. Post Natal Massage and Reflexology speeds up the Mother’s recovery and enhances her bond with her new baby and life by relaxing the physical stresses and facilitating structural balance of the pelvis and spine.


The day before my last appointment I thought to myself I didn’t need to see Natasha because I was feeling so good. Then I realized that I was feeling so good because I was seeing Natasha and had been on a regular basis.
Kim M, Cooks Hill

At 30 weeks gestation, the dreaded sciatica struck. It made it painful to walk and difficult to function effectively at work. My obstetrician recommended Massage Therapist on the Move for remedial massage.

Within 2 sessions of pregnancy massage, the sciatica resolved completely, allowing me to once again feel positive about my pregnancy and also to continue at work. I still have these massages as part of my pregnancy 'wellness' regime.

Dr Helena Hooi

I have been attending massage Therapist, Natasha Schweppes since July 2008 for a Frozen Shoulder condition, so far I have had 12 treatments.

From the time of my first consultation with Natasha I was impressed by her professionalism and medical knowledge. Natasha was interested in the whole of my condition including test results, treatments and opinions from my doctor and with this information a massage treatment plan was discussed and agreed to.

Natasha has always been honest and upfront with me when discussing the outcomes that I could expect from massage and at the beginning of each treatment she is very thorough in her assessment of the effects that have occurred since my last session and will address any problems or change in symptoms.

The condition that I have unfortunately developed is very painful in the first 6 months and I have spoken to other people suffering with frozen shoulder and I truly believe that I have been very fortunate in my discovery of Natasha’s treatment, as I have maintained some of my arm movement which I know others have lost and it is due to her expert massage skills and knowledge of the symptoms associated with this condition.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Natasha as a massage therapist who is a professional and expert in the natural therapy field of traditional medicine.

Suzanne S, Lake Munmorah

It is great having Natasha come to work to provide seated massage in our lunch breaks. They relieve workplace stress and create a more relaxed work environment.
Samantha, Belmont

Natasha Schweppes of Massage Therapist on the move has helped me a lot over the last few years. I first had an operation to remove a part of my right ear and several lymph nodes in my face and neck on the right side because of melanoma.

Ten months later it returned and the surgeon had to do a radical neck dissection which required him to remove a further thirty lymph nodes, one of the salivary glands, internal jugular vein and upper trapezius muscle which left me with a lot of scar tissue in my neck limiting neck movement and a weaker arm which the surgeon said I would never lift above shoulder height.

After the operation and going to a physiotherapist for about four months with no improvement in my neck movement or the strength in my arm I decided to seek another type of therapist and was told by a work mate of one not far from where I lived.

That’s when I met Natasha and she started working on my neck, to get rid of the scar tissue and to strengthen my shoulder and arm and to improve the movement.

Within a few weeks I was getting more strength in the arm and a lot more movement as well as better movement in the neck.

By the time I visited the surgeon for my next appointment he could not believe the movement that I had in my arm, seeing he told me I would never lift it above shoulder height and I could now lift it straight up in the air and swing it around in both directions. He was truly amazed.

The scar tissue was a slower process because my cancer returned ten months later and my neck region was again operated on making scar tissue on top of scare tissue, but Natasha wore that down also with the original movement returning in my neck.

I can speak very highly of her because of what she has done for me.

Jeffrey S, Hamilton NSW

At age 18 I realised that the headaches I was getting were actually migraines. They became more severe as time went on, stopping me from doing simple things I loved like exercise, especially swimming and even driving at night. I tried massage early on thinking it was my neck out of place causing the problems. I braved the chiropractor which I was hesitant about and even had acupuncture a few times without success.

In the end my doctor sent me to have scans and tests done to see it wasn't anything serious which, as usual came back clear and I walked out without an answer again. I gave up for a while and learnt to deal with the consequences of being a sufferer. Night clubs scared me, in fact any type of flashing light or the sun for that matter gave me a headache which would sure enough turn into a migraine. They became more frequent and I was averaging at least 2 a week.

After years of not being able to do things I wanted to, I thought I'd give it a go once again and find a new avenue - if it existed.
A friend I was living with was being treated by Natasha for a different problem, so I decided to get a massage since my neck and shoulders were aching from work.

Natasha explained the reasons for why she wanted to do reflexology instead of massage and the possible outcomes and effects from the treatment that could occur in the days and weeks following. After the first session of reflexology, I was reluctant to go back, my body went through a whirlwind and wasn't dealing with it at all.

Adamant to stick to it, I had a weekly reflexology appointment for treatment of migraines which continued for 6 weeks. After this initial period, I was able to go fortnightly and slowly over time I have been able to stretch my visits to monthly. About 7 months ago I was able to start back swimming competitively and I can now go to concerts with friends without the fear of a migraine.

I have been seeing Natasha for just over 18months now with a monthly reflex treatment and monthly massage appointment. I would recommend to any migraine sufferer to give reflexology a try, everyone is different and may need more treatments than I had but I would not change anything.

Best Regards

Grace D

I first went to Natasha at Massage on Summit to just get some relief for a persistent headache, shoulder and neck pain that I have experienced for well over 15 years. This affected most physical things in my life, from driving, exercise and trying new things as I knew the pain would increase till I gave up on the chosen activity. My personal experience with other professionals in mainstream medicine and alternative streams had always ended with either being told to go smell the roses with no relief, through to managing the pain. Natasha’s treatment and results have surpassed my expectations of what I believed I would have to live with for the rest of my life. I now have no continual headache and can move my neck and shoulders more freely than I have been able to in a very long time. I am back to walking several kilometres a day and lap swimming two or three times a week without hitting a brick wall. The fog in my head has gone.

Natasha has an excellent academic and hands on understanding of the musculature, nervous and skeletal structure of the body and in turn this results in her being able to give the optimal results for each individual.

I have no hesitation in recommending Natasha Schweppes and the massage therapies she offers.

Gina G